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RASDAEMON(8) RAS memory controller admin utility RASDAEMON(8)


rasdaemon - RAS daemon to log the RAS events.


rasdaemon [OPTION]...


The rasdaemon program is a daemon which monitors the platform Reliablity, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) reports from the Linux kernel trace events. These trace events are logged in /sys/kernel/debug/tracing, reporting them via syslog/journald.


Display a brief usage message and exit.
Display a help message and exit.
Disable RAS tracing events and exit.
Enable RAS tracing events and exit.
Executes in foreground, printing the events at console. Useful for testing it, and to be used by systemd or Unix System V respan. If not specified, the program runs in daemon mode.
Record RAS events via Sqlite3. The Sqlite3 database has the benefit of keeping a persistent record of the RAS events. This feature is used with the ras-mc-ctl utility. Note that rasdaemon may be compiled without this feature.
Print the program version and exit.


The rasdaemon program supports a config file to set rasdaemon systemd service environment variables. By default the config file is read from /etc/sysconfig/rasdaemon.

The general format is environmentname=value.