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Mojolicious::Plugin::NYTProf(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Mojolicious::Plugin::NYTProf(3)


Mojolicious::Plugin::NYTProf - Auto handling of Devel::NYTProf in your Mojolicious app




This plugin enables Mojolicious to automatically generate Devel::NYTProf profiles and routes for your app, it has been inspired by Dancer::Plugin::NYTProf


  use Mojolicious::Lite;
  plugin NYTProf => {
    nytprof => {
      ... # see CONFIGURATION


  use Mojo::Base 'Mojolicious';
  sub startup {
    my $self = shift;
    my $mojo_config = $self->plugin('Config');
    $self->plugin(NYTProf => $mojo_config);

Then run your app - you should start your app with the env variables:


without this, things go a bit haywire (most obviously manifested as broken links in the report) because otherwise any code compiled before the "plugin" call cannot be covered, as described in the docs: <>

Profiles generated can be seen by visting /nytprof and reports will be generated on the fly when you click on a specific profile.



Registers the plugin with your app - this will only do something if the nytprof key exists in your config hash

  $self->register($app, \%config);


The plugin adds hooks to control the level of profiling, Devel::NYTProf profiling is started using a before_routes hook and the stopped with an around_dispatch hook.

The consequence of this is that you should see profiling only for your routes and rendering code and will not see most of the actual Mojolicious framework detail.

The caveat with the use of hooks is that some hooks can fire out of order, and when asynchronous code is used in your controllers you may see incomplete/odd profiling behaviour - you can play around with the hook configuration to try to fix this.

You can override the hooks used to control when the profiling runs, see the CONFIGURATION section below.


Here's what you can control in myapp.conf:

    # Devel::NYTProf will only be loaded, and profiling enabled, if the nytprof
    # key is present in your config file, so either remove it or comment it out
    # to completely disable profiling.
    nytprof => {
      # path to your nytprofhtml script (installed as part of Devel::NYTProf
      # distribution). the plugin will do its best to try to find this so this
      # is optional, just set if you have a none standard path
      nytprofhtml_path => '/path/to/nytprofhtml',
      # path to store Devel::NYTProf output profiles and generated html pages.
      # options, defaults to "/path/to/your/app/root/dir/nytprof"
      profiles_dir => '/path/to/nytprof/profiles/'
      # set this to true to allow the plugin to run when in production mode
      # the default value is 0 so you can deploy your app to prod without
      # having to make any changes to config/plugin register
      allow_production => 0,
      # Devel::NYTProf environment options, see the documentation at
      # for a complete list. N.B. you can't supply start or file as these
      # are used internally in the plugin so will be ignored if passed
      env => {
        trace => 1,
        log   => "/path/to/foo/",
      # when to enable Devel::NYTProf profiling - the pre_hook will run
      # to enable_profile and the post_hook will run to disable_profile
      # and finish_profile. the values show here are the defaults so you
      # do not need to provide these options
      # bear in mind the caveats in the Mojolicious docs regarding hooks
      # and that they may not fire in the order you expect - this can
      # affect the NYTProf output and cause some things not to appear
      # (or appear in the wrong order). the defaults below should be 
      # sufficient for profiling your code, however you can change these
      # N.B. there is nothing stopping you reversing the order of the
      # hooks, which would cause the Mojolicious framework code to be
      # profiled, or providing hooks that are the same or even invalid. these
      # config options should probably be used with some care
      pre_hook  => 'before_routes',
      post_hook => 'around_dispatch',

nytprofhtml LOCATION

The plugin does its best to find the path to your nytprofhtml executable, if it cannot find it then it will die with an error. This also affects testing, and any tests will be skipped if they cannot find nytprofhtml allowing you to install the plugin - you will then need to make sure to set the path in your config using nytprofhtml_path


Lee Johnson - ""


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. If you would like to contribute documentation please raise an issue / pull request:
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