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Menlo::Index::MetaCPAN(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Menlo::Index::MetaCPAN(3)


  use CPAN::Common::Index::MetaCPAN;
  $index = CPAN::Common::Index::MetaCPAN->new({ include_dev => 1 });
  $index->search_packages({ package => "Moose", version => "1.1" });
  $index->search_packages({ package => "Moose", version_range => ">= 1.1, < 2" });


This module implements a CPAN::Common::Index that searches for packages against the MetaCPAN API.

This backend supports searching modules with a version range (as specified in CPAN::Meta::Spec) which is translated into MetaCPAN search query.

There is also a support for dev release search, by passing "include_dev" parameter to the index object.

The result may include an optional field "download_uri" which suggests a specific mirror URL to download from, which can be "" if the archive was deleted, or "" if the release date is within 1 day (because some mirrors might not have synced it yet).

There is no support for searching packages with a regular expression, nor searching authors.

2024-03-04 perl v5.40.0