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HTML::FormHandler::Render::Simple(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation HTML::FormHandler::Render::Simple(3)


HTML::FormHandler::Render::Simple - simple rendering role


version 0.40068


This is a Moose role that is an example of a simple rendering routine for HTML::FormHandler. It's here as an example of how to write a custom renderer in one package, if you prefer that to using the widgets. It won't always be updated with improvements by default, because it was becoming a lot of work to update the rendering in multiple places.

For a 'MyApp::Form::Renderer' which you've created and modified, in your Form class:

   package MyApp::Form::Silly;
   use Moose;
   extends 'HTML::FormHandler::Model::DBIC';
   with 'MyApp::Form::Renderers';

In a template:

   [% form.render %]

The widgets are rendered with "$field->render"; rendering routines from a class like this use "$form->render_field('field_name')" to render individual fields:

   [% form.render_field( 'title' ) %]


This role provides HTML output routines for the 'widget' types defined in the provided FormHandler fields. Each 'widget' name has a 'widget_$name' method here.

These widget routines output strings with HTML suitable for displaying form fields.

The widget for a particular field can be defined in the form. You can create additional widget routines in your form for custom widgets.

The fill-in-form values ('fif') are cleaned with the 'render_filter' method of the base field class. You can change the filter to suit your own needs: see HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Rendering


To render all the fields in a form in sorted order (using 'sorted_fields' method).

render_start, render_end

These use the methods in HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Form::Simple now. If you want to customize them, copy them to your own package.

Will render the beginning and ending <form> tags and fieldsets. Allows for easy splitting up of the form if you want to hand-render some of the fields.

   [% form.render_start %]
   [% form.render_field('title') %]
   <insert specially rendered field>
   [% form.render_field('some_field') %]
   [% form.render_end %]


Render a field passing in a field object or a field name

   $form->render_field( $field )
   $form->render_field( 'title' )


Output an HTML string for a text widget


Output an HTML string for a password widget


Output an HTML string for a hidden input widget


Output an HTML string for a 'select' widget, single or multiple


Output an HTML string for a 'checkbox' widget


Output an HTML string for a 'radio_group' selection widget. This widget should be for a field that inherits from 'Select', since it requires the existence of an 'options' array.


Output an HTML string for a textarea widget


Renders field with 'compound' widget


Renders field with 'submit' widget


FormHandler Contributors - see HTML::FormHandler


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Gerda Shank.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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