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DOCHAZKA-CLI(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation DOCHAZKA-CLI(1)


dochazka-cli - Command-line client for Dochazka Attendance & Time Tracking System


Assuming Dochazka REST server is running on port 5000:

    $ dochazka-cli http://localhost:5000
    Loading configuration files from /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.20.1/auto/share/dist/App-Dochazka-CLI
    Authenticating to server at http://localhost:5000
    Server is alive
    Dochazka(2015-03-11) root ADMIN>

This is the Dochazka command-line interface (CLI). Options:

    --debug     -d      Make parser display debug messages
    --help      -h      Get help
    --noauth    -n      Omit authentication
    --password  -p      Specify password
    --sitedir   -s      Specify sitedir
    --user      -u      Specify username
    --version   -v      Display App::Dochazka::CLI version number

For more information, see <>.


This script is used to start the Dochazka command line interface, hereinafter referred to as "the CLI".

CLI commands are documented in App::Dochazka::CLI::Guide.

2016-09-15 perl v5.38.2