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PMDASOCKETS(1) General Commands Manual PMDASOCKETS(1)


pmdasockets - sockets statistics PMDA


pmdasockets is a Performance Metrics Domain Agent (PMDA) which exports metric values for current sockets on the local system.

This PMDA currently collects its data through the ss(8) utility and requires that the program is installed in order to function. This dependency may change in the future.


To install (enable) the sockets PMDA, do the following as root:

# cd $PCP_PMDAS_DIR/sockets
# ./Install

To uninstall (disable), do the following as root:

# cd $PCP_PMDAS_DIR/sockets
# ./Remove

pmdasockets is launched by pmcd(1) and should never be executed directly. The Install and Remove scripts notify pmcd(1) when the agent is installed or removed.


The string valued metric network.persocket.filter specifies the ss(1) filter to be applied to optionally select socket states, IP addresses and other options that pmdasockets will collect (to populate it's instance domain). This is loaded on PMDA startup from the file $(PCP_SYSCONF_DIR)/sockets/filter.conf (typically /etc/pcp/sockets/filter.conf) and defaults to state connected meaning only sockets in the connected state will be included. This can be changed persistently by editing filter.conf as the root user. The filter can also be changed dynamically after the PMDA has started by using pmstore(1) to store a new filter string in the network.persocket.filter metric. E.g.

# pmstore network.persocket.filter "state all"

will change the filter to include sockets in all states. Note a dynamically stored filter is not persisted across PMDA restarts or reboots (edit the config file for a persistent change). For further details of the filter syntax and options, consult ss(8).


The pmlogconf(1) configuration file for pmdasockets is $PCP_VAR_DIR/config/pmlogconf/networking/persocket-linux (where $PCP_VAR_DIR is typically /var/lib/pcp) which specifies to log all metrics below network.persocket in the PCP namespace with a default sampling interval of 60 seconds. The logging interval and metrics to be logged can be changed by editing that file and then restarting the pmlogger service. For details of the syntax, see pmlogconf(1).


The metrics and metadata supported by pmdasockets correspond to fields reported by ss -noemitauOH and are also available as help text provided by the PMDA, e.g. to list all metrics, metadata descriptors and help text:

# pminfo -fmdtT network.persocket

Note that the PMDA must be installed (enabled) for this command to work correctly, see above.


Environment variables with the prefix PCP_ are used to parameterize the file and directory names used by PCP. On each installation, the file /etc/pcp.conf contains the local values for these variables. The $PCP_CONF variable may be used to specify an alternative configuration file, as described in pcp.conf(5).


PCPIntro(1), pmcd(1), pmlogger(1) and ss(8).

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