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PACEMAKER(8) System Administration Utilities PACEMAKER(8)


Pacemaker - Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


crm_diff original_xml operation [options]


Compare two Pacemaker configurations (in XML format) to produce a custom diff-like output, or apply such an output as a patch


Help Options:

Show help options
Show all help options
Show original XML options
Show operation options
Show additional options

Original XML:

XML is contained in the named file
XML is contained in the supplied string


Compare the original XML to the contents of the named file
Compare the original XML with the contents of the supplied string
Patch the original XML with the contents of the named file

Additional Options:

Compare/patch the inputs as a CIB (includes versions details)

-s, --stdin

Generate the difference without versions details

Application Options:

-$, --version
Display software version and exit
Increase debug output (may be specified multiple times)


Obtain the two different configuration files by running cibadmin on the two cluster setups to compare:

# cibadmin --query > cib-old.xml
# cibadmin --query > cib-new.xml

Calculate and save the difference between the two files:

# crm_diff --original cib-old.xml --new cib-new.xml > patch.xml

Apply the patch to the original file:

# crm_diff --original cib-old.xml --patch patch.xml > updated.xml

Apply the patch to the running cluster:

# cibadmin --patch -x patch.xml


Written by Andrew Beekhof and the Pacemaker project contributors

July 2024 Pacemaker 2.1.7+20240711.239cba384-1.1