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OPI(8) System Administration Utilities OPI(8)


opi - manual page for opi version 5.2.1


usage: opi [-h] [-v] [-n] [-P] [-m] [query ...]

openSUSE Package Installer ==========================

Search and install almost all packages available for openSUSE and SLE:

1. openSUSE Build Service 2. Packman 3. Popular packages for various vendors

positional arguments:

can be any package name or part of it and will be searched for both at the openSUSE Build Service and Packman. If multiple query arguments are provided only results matching all of them are returned. Please use the -m option if you want to use the query arguments as individual package queries.


show this help message and exit
show program's version number and exit
run in non interactive mode
don't run any plugins - only search repos, OBS and Packman
use query args as space separated package queries

Also these queries (provided by plugins) can be used to install packages from various other vendors:

AnyDesk remote access
Atom Text Editor
Brave web browser
Google Chrome web browser
Media Codecs from Packman and official repo
Microsoft .NET framework
Office suite from SoftMaker (See OSS alternative libreoffice)
Jami p2p messenger
Virtual Tabletop for playing roleplaying games
Mega Desktop App
Microsoft Edge web browser
Audio Editor
Slicer and controller for Bambu and other 3D printers
Plex Media Server (See OSS alternative jellyfin)
Decentralized file sync between devices using bittorrent protocol (See OSS alternative syncthing)
Microsoft Skype
Slack messenger
Listen to music for a monthly fee
Editor for code, markup and prose
Unofficial Microsoft Teams for Linux client
TeamViewer remote access
Vivaldi web browser
Microsoft Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Codium
Yandex web browser
Yandex.Disk cloud storage client
Zoom Video Conference
June 2024 opi version 5.2.1