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Mono(ccrewrite) Mono(ccrewrite)


ccrewrite - Rewrite CLR assemblies for runtime code contract verification.


ccrewrite --assembly=<assembly> [options]


Rewrite CLR assemblies to convert calls into the System.Diagnostics.Contracts namespace to perform runtime contract verification. This includes contract inheritance for virtual methods.

The assembly must have been built with the symbol CONTRACTS_FULL defined, otherwise the calls to the contract methods will have been removed by the compiler.

Currently only pre-conditions are supported, using the Contract.Requires() method. Contract inheritance for virtual methods is supported. Only a limited range of operations and types can be used within a pre-condition, an error message will be shown if ccrewrite is unable to process the specified assembly.


The assembly to rewrite. If no --output option is specified, then this file is overwritten with the rewritten version.
Use debug information if available to improve the usefulness of contract failure messages.
Show help for ccrewrite, listing configuration options.
Set which contract types are present in rewritten assembly: 0 = No contracts; 1 = Release requires; 2 = Requires; 3 = Ensures; 4 = Invariants; (Each level includes all previous levels)
Write the rewritten assembly to the specified file. If this is not present then the input assembly file is overwritten with the rewritten version.
Rewrite the assembly. If false, then nothing is done.
Throw a ContractException on unhandled contract failure. The default behaviour is to Assert.


Written by Chris Bacon


Copyright (C) 2010 Chris Bacon. Released under MIT license.


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