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MKELFIMAGE(8) System Manager's Manual MKELFIMAGE(8)


mkelfImage - make an elf network bootable image for linux


mkelfImage [--command-line=command line] [--kernel=path to vmlinux] [--ramdisk=path to ramdisk] [--output=file] [--ramdisk-base=<start addr>]


mkelfImage is a program that makes a elf boot image for linux kernel images. The image should work with any i386 multiboot compliant boot loader, an ELF bootloader that passes no options, a loader compliant with the linuxBIOS elf booting spec or with the linux kexec kernel patch. A key feature here is that nothing relies upon BIOS calls, but they are made when necessary. This is useful for systems running linuxbios.


Not all kernel parameters can be passed with the multiboot image format. ip configuration is not automatically passed to a node. The ramdisk base is hard coded to 8MB by default. This man page need to be updated.


The kexec kernel patch. LinuxBIOS. Etherboot. The multiboot standard.


mkelfImage is under the GNU Public License version 2


Eric Biederman <>

RELEASE_DATE 3rd Berkeley Distribution