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ZBC(8) System Manager's Manual ZBC(8)


zbc_report_zones - Display zone information of a ZBC or ZAC device


zbc_report_zones [options] device


zbc_report_zones is used to display information on the zones of a ZBC or ZAC device.

The device argument must be the pathname to the target device block device file (e.g., /dev/sdb), or to the target device SG node file (e.g., /dev/sg3). On old kernels lacking ZBC and ZAC support, only the device SG node file will be available.


The following options can be specified.

Display a usage help message and exit.
Verbose mode (for debugging problems).
By default, zone information use 512B sector unit regardless of the device logical block size. This option forces displaying zone information using the device logical block size (LBA) as the unit.
Display information on zones starting from the zone including the specified sector. If the option -lba is used, sector is interpreted as a logical block address. Otherwise, sector is assumed to be a 512B sector value.
Only get the number of zones of a report instead of displaying all zones information.
Display information on at most num zones
Specify a reporting option. ro can be one of the following value:
all Report all zones (default)
empty Report empty zones
imp_open Only report implicitly open zones
exp_open Only report explicitly open zones
closed Only report closed zones
full Only report full zones
rdonly Only report read-only zones
offline Only report offline zones
not_wp Only report zones that are not write pointer zones


Damien Le Moal <>


blkzone(8), sg_rep_zones(8)


The zbc_report_zones utility is part of the libzbc library available from