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ZBC(8) System Manager's Manual ZBC(8)


gzviewer - Graphical interface to display ZBC and ZAC devices zone state


gzviewer [options] device


gzviewer is used to dynamically display the state of zones of a ZBC or ZAC device. Each zone is displayed as a box representing the sector range of the zone. A zone box is filled with different colors based on the zone type and on the use of sectors within the zone.

The device argument must be the pathname to the target device block device file (e.g., /dev/sdb), or to the target device SG node file (e.g., /dev/sg3). On old kernels lacking ZBC and ZAC support, only the device SG node file will be available.


-?, --help
Show help options and exit.
Show all help options and exit.
Show GTK+ options and exit.
Use libzbc verbose mode (for debug).
Set the zone refresh interval to msec milliseconds. The default is to refresh every 500 milliseconds.
Display zones in a matrix of columns columns.
Display zones in a matrix of rows rows.
Specify the X display to DISPLAY.


Damien Le Moal <>




The gzviewer utility is part of the libzbc library available from