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QBARRAY.H(3) libqb Programmer's Manual QBARRAY.H(3)


qbarray.h - This is a dynamic array (it can grow, but without moving memory).


#include <qb/qbarray.h>


arr = qb_array_create_2(64, sizeof(struct my_struct), 256);
res = qb_array_index(arr, idx, (void**)&my_ptr);
if (res < 0) {

return res; } // use my_ptr, now even if there is a grow, this pointer will be valid.

Currently, this dynamic array abstract data type can accommodate only 2^QB_ARRAY_MAX_INDEX_BITS elements, and with standard zero-based indexing, this gives a valid index range [0, QB_ARRAY_MAX_ELEMENTS), where the notation denotes the beginning of the interval is included and the end is excluded. In other words, client space shall avoid a pitfall of relying solely on the type of max_elements parameter to qb_array_create and/or of idx parameter to qb_array_index (these types conflict, anyway).


qb_array_elems_per_bin_get(3), qb_array_new_bin_cb_set(3), qb_array_create(3), qb_array_grow(3), qb_array_num_bins_get(3), qb_array_index(3), qb_array_create_2(3), qb_array_free(3)


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