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MEMSLAP(1) libmemcached-awesome MEMSLAP(1)


memslap - libmemcached Documentation


memslap [options]

Load testing and benchmarking a server


memslap is a load generation and benchmark tool for memcached(1) servers. It generates configurable workload such as threads, concurrencies, connections, run time, overwrite, miss rate, key size, value size, get/set proportion, expected throughput, and so on.


Display help.

Display version.

Operate quietly.

Operate more verbosely.

See -v|--verbose.

Specify the list of servers as hostname[:port][,hostname[:port]...].

Enable non-blocking operations.

Disable Nagle's algorithm.

Enable binary protocol.

Buffer requests.

Use username for SASL authentication.

Use password for SASL authentication.

Use algorithm as key hash algo. See memcached_behavior_t::MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_HASH.

Enable UDP operation mode.

Enable the NOREPLY behavior for storage commands.

Flush all servers prior test.

Test to perform (options: get, mget, set; default: get).

Concurrency (number of threads to start; default: 1).

Number of times to execute the tests (default: 10000).

Number of keys to load before executing tests (default: 10000).


Specify a list of servers.



The prefix of this program is variable, i.e. it can be configured at build time.

Usually the client programs of libmemcached-awesome are prefixed with mem, like memcat or memcp.

It can be configured, though, to replace the prefix with something else like mc, in case of that, the client programs of libmemcached-awesome would be called mccat, mccp, etc. respectively.


memcached(1) libmemcached(3)

C/C++ Client Library for memcached

February 5, 2024 1.1