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QUORUM_OVERVIEW(8) Corosync Cluster Engine Programmer's Manual QUORUM_OVERVIEW(8)


quorum_overview - Quorum Library Overview


The quorum library is delivered with the corosync project. It is the external interface to the quorum service. This service is loaded into all nodes in a corosync cluster and track the quorum status of a node. In order for quorum service to be useful, a quorum provider must be configured.

The library provides a mechanism to:

* Query the quorum status

* Receive notifications of quorum state changes


No known bugs at the time of writing. The authors are from outerspace. Deal with it.


corosync-quorumtool(8), corosync.conf(5), votequorum(5), quorum_initialize(3), quorum_finalize(3), quorum_getquorate(3), quorum_trackstart(3), quorum_trackstop(3), quorum_fd_get(3), quorum_dispatch(3), quorum_context_set(3), quorum_context_get(3)

2012-02-09 corosync Man Page