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influxd-config - Generate configuration files for InfluxDB


influxd config (-config <path>)
influxd config -config /dev/null


influxd config will generate a configuration file for InfluxDB. The configuration file will be output to standard output and can be written to a file by redirecting the shell output to another file.

When a configuration file is specified using -config <path>, this configuration file will be read and will overwrite the default values for any values that are present. It can be used to provide a configuration fragment with only the options you want to customize and generate a new configuration file from that file. If -config <path> is not specified, the command will look for a default configuration file using the same method as influxd-run(1).

When using this command to regenerate a configuration file in place, be sure to use a temporary file as the output. This command will not work:

=== # DO NOT USE! $ influxd config -config influxdb.conf > influxdb.conf

# PROPER METHOD! $ influxd config -config influxdb.conf > influxdb.conf.tmp && \ mv influxdb.conf.tmp influxdb.conf ===

The shell will truncate the configuration file before influxd config can read it and you will lose all of your custom options. For safety, redirect output to a temporary file instead and use mv to move the file afterwards.

The second command version will force influxd config to output the default configuration file. Setting the configuration file to /dev/null will cause the command to output only the defaults and will not read any values from any existing configuration files.


-config <path>

Customize the default configuration file to load. Disables automatic loading when the path is /dev/null.


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