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influx - InfluxDB client


influx [options]
influx -execute <command> [options]
influx -import -path <path> (-compressed) [options]
influx -version


influx is the command line program for interacting with an InfluxDB server.

In the first form, the program starts a CLI that can be used to write data or query the database. The command line is described in COMMAND LINE.

In the second form, this will execute a single command, usually a query. This is the equivalent of starting the command line, running one command, and then exiting.

In the third form, this imports a previously exported database to the database.

The fourth form outputs the version of the command line and then immediately exits.


-host <host>

Host to connect to. Default is localhost.

-port <port>

Port to use when connecting to the host. Default is 8086.

-database <database>

Database to use when connecting to the database.

-username <username>

Username to connect to the server.

-password <password>

Password to connect to the server. If left blank, this will prompt for a password.

-ssl: Use https for requests.


Set this with -ssl to allow unsafe connections.

-execute <command>

Executes the command and exits.

-format <json|csv|column>

Sets the format of the server responses. Default is column.

-precision <rfc3339|h|m|s|ms|u|ns>

Specifies the format of the timestamp. Default is ns.

-consistency <any|one|quorum|all>

Set the write consistency level. Default is one.


Turns on pretty print format for the JSON format.

-node <n>

Specifies the data node that should be queried for data. This option is only valid on enterprise clusters.


Import a previous database export from a file. If specified, -path <path> must also be specified.

-path <path>

Path to the database export file to import. Must be used with -import.

-pps <n>: How many points per second the import will allow. By default, it is zero and will not throttle importing.


Set if the import file is compressed. Must be used with -import.


Outputs the version of the influx client.


The environment variables can be specified in lower case or upper case. The upper case version has precedence.

HTTP_PROXY [protocol://]<host>[:port]

Sets the proxy server to use for HTTP.

HTTPS_PROXY [protocol://]<host>[:port]

Sets the proxy server to use for HTTPS. Takes precedence over HTTP_PROXY for HTTPS.

NO_PROXY <comma-separated list of hosts>

List of host names that shouldn’t go through any proxy. If set to an asterisk '*' only, it matches all hosts.


Report bugs to the GitHub issue tracker


InfluxDB is written and maintained by InfluxData


InfluxDB is released under the MIT license.

This man page is released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.