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TAGS_DEMO(1) User Commands TAGS_DEMO(1)


tags_demo - GNURadio and UHD tags example


Show source timestamps and demonstrate timed bursts on a sink.


show this help message and exit
the device address in string format
the sample rate in samples per second (default=1000000)
the center frequency in Hz (defaualt=1000000)
the duration of each burst in seconds (defaualt=0.10000000000000001)
idle time between bursts in seconds (defaualt=0.050000000000000003)

The tags sink demo block will print USRP source time stamps. The tags source demo block will send bursts to the USRP sink. Look at the USRP output on a scope to see the timed bursts.


The c++ gnuradio example programs are in /usr/bin. There are also many Python and GnuRadio Companion examples in /usr/share/gnuradio/examples/...

dial_tone(1) uhd_rx_nogui(1) uhd_siggen(1) uhd_siggen_gui(1)

2024-05-11 TAGS_DEMO