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gensio_to_sergensio.3(3) Library Functions Manual gensio_to_sergensio.3(3)


gensio_to_sergensio, sergensio_to_gensio, sergensio_get_user_data, sergensio_is_client - General information and conversion routines for a sergensio


#include <gensio/sergensio.h>


gensio_to_sergensio return the sergensio object for a gensio. It returns NULL if there is no sergensio for the gensio. Note that this may be a sergensio object for a child of the passed in gensio. If the passed in gensio is not a sergensio, it will search through the children for a gensio that is also a sergensio. This way, say, if you have an conacc gensio running over a serialdev, and you receive an serial event, you can just call gensio_to_sergensio for the passed in object and it will give you the sergensio you should be working with. The first time this is called on a gensio it associates the sergensio with the passed in gensio.

sergensio_to_gensio returns the gensio for a given sergensio. It cannot fail. Note that this returns the gensio passed in to gensio_to_sergensio not the gensio directly associated with the passed in sergensio.

sergensio_get_user_data returns the gensio user data for the associated gensio.

sergensio_is_client returns true if the sergensio a client or false if it is a server.




Corey Minyard <>

20 Jul 2020