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ffado-bridgeco-downloader - firmware download application for BridgeCo devices


ffado-bridgeco-downloader [OPTION...] OPERATION


ffado-bridgeco-downloader permits firmware updates to be made to BridgeCo (aka BeBoB) devices under Linux. OPERATION describes the action to be carried out. An OPERATION is introduced with the GUID of the device to operate on. This is followed by one of the following keywords and any arguments required by that keyword.

Display information about the interface
Set the device's GUID to NEW_GUID
Download the firmware file FILE to the device.
Download the CnE file FILE to the device.
Parse the BeBoB BCD file FILE and display information about the contents.


-?, --help, --usage
Display brief usage information and exit
Show the program version and exit
Specify use of IEEE1394 port NUM
Produce verbose output. The higher the LEVEL the more verbose the messages. The some verbose messages may only be available of FFADO was compiled with debugging enabled.
Do not start the bootloader. Use this if the bootloader is already running.
Force firmware download in the event the program doesn't think it's a good idea. Use with caution.
A magic number you have to obtain before this program will work. Specifying it on the command line means that you accept the risks which come with this tool. The magic number can be obtained in the source code.


Manipulating firmware can cause your device to stop working. The FFADO project accepts no responsibility if this occurs as a result of using this tool.

27-Mar-2012 ffado-bridgeco-downloader