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FSCK.F2FS(8) System Manager's Manual FSCK.F2FS(8)


fsck.f2fs - check a Linux F2FS file system


fsck.f2fs [ -a enable auto fix ] [ -f enable force fix ] [ -M show file map ] [ -p enable preen mode ] [ -t show stored directory tree ] [ -d debugging-level ] device


fsck.f2fs is used to check an f2fs file system (usually in a disk partition). device is the special file corresponding to the device (e.g. /dev/sdXX).

The exit code returned by fsck.f2fs is 0 on success and -1 on failure.


Enable to run file system check only if a bug was reported by the F2FS kernel module. It is disabled by default.
Enable to fix all the inconsistency in the partition.
Enable to show all the filenames and inode numbers stored in the image
Same as "-a" to support general fsck convention.
Enable to show every directory entries in the partition.
Specify the level of debugging options. The default number is 0, which shows basic debugging messages.


Initial checking code was written by Byoung Geun Kim <>. Jaegeuk Kim <> reworked most parts of the codes to support fixing any corrupted images.


fsck.f2fs is available from git://


mkfs.f2fs(8), dump.f2fs(8), defrag.f2fs(8), resize.f2fs(8), sload.f2fs(8).