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BST SHELL(1) bst shell Manual BST SHELL(1)


bst-shell - Shell into an element's sandbox environment


bst shell [OPTIONS] [TARGET] [COMMAND]...


Run a command in the target element's sandbox environment

When this command is executed from a workspace directory, the default is to shell into the workspace element.

This will stage a temporary sysroot for running the target element, assuming it has already been built and all required artifacts are in the local cache.

Use '--' to separate a command from the options to bst, otherwise bst may respond to them instead. e.g.

bst shell example.bst -- df -h

Use the --build option to create a temporary sysroot for building the element instead.

If no COMMAND is specified, the default is to attempt to run an interactive shell.


Stage dependencies and sources to build
Mount a file or directory into the sandbox
Create an isolated build sandbox
Stage a buildtree. Will fail if a buildtree is not available. pull-buildtrees configuration is needed if the buildtree is not available locally.
A remote for uploading and downloading artifacts
A remote for uploading and downloading cached sources
Ignore remote artifact cache servers recommended by projects
Ignore remote source cache servers recommended by projects