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ARV-TOOL-0.8(1) User Commands ARV-TOOL-0.8(1)


arv-tool-0.8 - manual page for arv-tool-0.8 0.8.23



command <parameters>

Small utility for basic control of a Genicam device.

Help Options:

Show help options

Application Options:

-n, --name=<pattern>

-a, --address=<device_address>

Register cache policy
Range check policy
Feature access check policy
Show execution time

-d, --debug={<category>[:<level>][,...]|help}

Show version

Command may be one of the following possibilities:

dump the content of the Genicam xml data
list all features
list all available feature values
show the full feature description
read/write device features
read/write network settings

If no command is given, this utility will list all the available devices. For the control command, direct access to device registers is provided using a R[address] syntax in place of a feature name.


arv-tool-0.8 control Width=128 Height=128 Gain R[0x10000]=0x10 arv-tool-0.8 features arv-tool-0.8 description Width Height arv-tool-0.8 network mode=PersistentIP arv-tool-0.8 network ip= mask= gateway= arv-tool-0.8 -n Basler-210ab4 genicam

décembre 2022 arv-tool-0.8 0.8.23