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DUMP_ACCT(8) System Manager's Manual DUMP_ACCT(8)


dump-acct - print an acct/pacct file in human-readable format


dump-acct [-r|--reverse] [-R|--raw] [-n|--num recs] [--byte-swap] [--format] [--ahz freq] [-h|--help] [files]


The dump-acct command transforms the output file from the accton format to the human-readable format: one record per line. Each record consists of severald fields which are separated by character "|" (the meaning of concreate field depends on the version of kernel package - with which the accton file was created).


The following options are supported:

Print the output in reverse order.
The records will be printed without any parsing.
Display only the first NUMRECS number of records.
Swap the bytes (relative to your system's native byte order) in --raw output.
Set output format with --raw option.
Set the AHZ (platform dependent frequency in Hertz) to FREQ.
Print a help message and the default location of the process accounting file and exit.


accton (8), lastcomm (1)

2009 December 2 Linux accounting system