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ServiceReport - A tool to verify and repair the system configuration.


servicereport [-f LOG_FILE] [-h] [-l] [-p PLUGIN [PLUGIN ...] [-d]
[-q] [-r] [-V] [-v]


The servicereport command provides the system configuration status and gives recommendations to fix the incorrect system configurations. The tool also has an option to auto-fix the invalid configurations. ServiceReport has plugin based architecture and has multiple plugins that validates and repair different system configuration. The description of plugins is listed below.

Checks a list of daemons is enabled in the system or not.
Detects which dump mechanism is configured (Kdump or FADump) based on that checks the configuration of the respective dump tool.
Checks the configuration for Hardware Test Executive(HTX). This plugin is only applicable to PowerPC architecture.
Checks a list of packages is installed in the system or not.

The ServiceReport tool also provide an option to auto fix the incorrect configurations. Not all the validation performed in the plugins are auto fixable. ServiceReport try to fix the incorrect configurations if possible else they need to be fixed manually.

NOTE: The tool supports auto-fix feature for Daemon, Package and Kdump validations only.

Please refer the example section to quick start with repair functionality.


Creates LOG_FILE in the current directory and stores the logs into it.
Prints usage of the tool and exits.
List all the applicable plugins.
validates the specified plugins only. Accept multiple plugins as a space separated list.
Triggers a dump if dump tool (Kdump, FADump) is configured correctly.
Execute all plugins silently without printing any output on the console.
Auto fix the incorrect configurations.
Prints the version of tool and exits.
Increase the logging verbosity. Display the status of each sub check performed by the plugins.


Runs and print the status of all the applicable plugins in current system.
servicereport -v
Runs all the applicable plugins to current system and print the detailed status of each plugin.
servicereport -l
List all the applicable plugins.
servicereport -p P1 P2
Runs only P1 and P2 plugins if applicable.
servicereport -r
Repair the incorrect configuration after the validation.


Sourabh Jain <>

Srikanth Aithal <>
Linux Validate and repair the system configuration